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Version 2.5

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Released: Sep 29, 2014
Updated: Sep 30, 2014 by Torac24
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Release Notes

Breaking Syntax Change
  • Sorry guys I had to do this. I needed a better mechanism to determine the state of the iterator. This only affects anyone who is looping through the result one by one. It does not affect anyone who is calling .ToArray().
Please change your code from:
//holds the current item of the result set
var myCurrentItem;

//let's loop through the result set 1 at a time. 
while ((myCurrentItem = myQuery.Next()) !== null) {
     //do something with this item (myCurrentItem)

var CurrentResult;

while ((CurrentResult = QueryToRun.Next()).CurrentStatus !== ToracTechnologies.JLinq.IteratorStatus.Completed) {
//do something with my result
var myResultItem = CurrentResult.CurrentItem;

New Methods
  • Added SingleOrDefault method. Will return the first item found or null if not found (but will raise an error if more then 1 item is returned).
Minor code changes
  • Sum, Average, Max, and Min will use an else / else if statement to remove the != null check which is not needed.
  • In FirstOrDefault, All, Where, Take, and Skip just use a return statement. No need to break out of the loop and return the item
  • Next will return T in the abstract method. TypeScript only change.
  • In GroupIterator it will change the generic type of Iterator to => <IGrouping<TKey, T>[]> instead of Iterator<IGrouping<TKey, T>>

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