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Version 2.4.1

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Released: Sep 2, 2014
Updated: Sep 2, 2014 by Torac24
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Release Notes

New Methods
  • Added paginate method. This way you can page data on the client side. Not really a .Net method but very useful.
  (first parameter is current page number, 2nd is how many records per page)
  var QueryToRun = _Array.Paginate(1, 100);
  • Added Dictionary.GetAllItems which will return an array of TKey and TValue (Key value pair)
  //not lazy loaded, returns Array<IKeyValuePair<TKey, TValue>>
  var myDictionaryKeyValuePair =  myDictionary.GetAllItems();

Changes / Fixes
  • Moving change log outside of library. This way we keep the file as small as possible
  • Group by will return IGrouping<TKey, T>[] instead of any now (Typescript change only)
  • Dictionary contains key will now use hasOwnProperty. Is faster then what we were doing.
  • Dictionary.Keys() will convert the key back to TKey. Dictionary in javascript will always be a string, so when being passed back convert it to the type it should be. Unit test have been created
  • Dictionary put validation in add...this way we check when we build the dictionary and when we add keys manually
  • Fix lowercase variables. Should be first letter uppercase. I'm an uppercase kind of dude.
  • For the items that call .Next() to get the result we need to reset the iterator. Issue happens when you start with a base query, call something that uses next
           var query = _Array.Where(x => >= 1);

           //grab the count value (count will hit the next time we do anything on query it will have looped through the items). we need to reset the iterator when calling anything that uses Next()
           equal(4, query.Count());

           //if we looped through the result on this guy we would have 0 results.
           var result = _Array.Where(x => >= 1);
           -Unit test's have been created
               -Affected Methods
                   Count, FirstOrDefault, All, Any, Last, Min, Max, Sum, Average, GroupBy

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Excellent works
by Shamim_desme on Sep 15, 2014 at 12:52 PM